Akashic Energywork – $100

Akashic Energywork is a combined energy balancing using Reiki and the Akashic Records.  Akashic Energywork enables David to sense where the energy flow of the client is and also sense where the blockages are occuring.  Energy from the Akashic Records is of a much higher vibration than Reiki alone. This allows an increase in the ablity move blockages out of the energetic body from the increased energy flow from the Akashic Records.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records Are a storage of Consciousness.  It is a collective consciousnes library with many type of information stored which is available for us to access to further our development as spirtual beings.  Akashic Energywork uses those Records as a rebalancing source unique to the client.

What is your process?

My process is simple one.  I use the Akashic Records to access more energy for my client than Reiki alone.  When I open the Records, I am connecting to the flow of energy from the crown chakra down through the rest. It allows me to sense within myself what the flow is within them.  Because every session is unique to what is needed at that, sometimes I can sense where tension is held, sometimes I can tap into what the vibrations are ready to be brought in for the client and sometimes it can be something else.

How Does this Work?

The Records hos a vibraiton unique to the individual…their Akashic Blueprint.  By accessing the Records and using them in an energy work session, the individual’s own energy from higher dimensions is accessed and brought through their energetic bodies.  This helps remove old energies trapped within the client by tapping into their own ‘source’ energy.  David uses that energy to help lift any old blockages and patterns that are not serving anymore and to create new foundations within.  This method restores and re-vitalizes their core essence.

How is this different from a Reiki Session?

This is an Energy Balancing simular to Reiki.  However, in a Reiki Session, Universal ‘non-specific’ life force energy is used.  Reiki is also know as a form of Chi, Qi, Ki or Prana.  However, Akashic Energywork uses the person’s own energetic vibration or ‘specific’ life force energy unique to that individual.  This rebalancing then resonates deeper within the energetic body since it has been revived by its own energetic pulse.