Chakra Balancing

Reiki with Crystal Healing 
Akashic Energywork with Crystal Healing 

Crystals are an excellent addition to an Akashic Energywork or Reiki Session for Chakra Balancing.  The crystals help cleanse and open the Chakras (Energy Centers) in this high powered energy session.  They are placed on the major energy areas and help both maintain and increase the energy flow during the treatment.  Many clients have found this to be a very powerful healing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session like?

Every session begins with a mini consultation to help tune in with what issues need to be addressed in the session.  After the consultation, the client will lay on the table face up.  The session usually begins with light energy work.  After the practitioner tunes in with the flow of the client, crystals are added to help the flow increase.  The crystals are usually layed on the client within the first 10 minutes where they stay the full session.  Meanwhile, the practitioner is doing energy work(Reiki or Akashic Energywork) to help the client release the old energies while bringing in the new vibrations.  Afterwards, the practitioner will go over what was found or moved during the session.

How does it work?
Chakra Balancing with crystals and energywork re-aligns the recipient’s energy centers to a more “symetrical” state.  Chakra alignment is important because our health and vitality are dependent upon the flow of energy within our bodies.  Crystals can be used as a way to enhance this balancing.  This is a form of vibraitonal medicine where subtle energy is transmitted by the crystals to the client.

Do I need to do anything special before a treatment?

Clients are recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and not to eat or drink anything before the session, especially coffee or alcohol. If it is their first visit to the center, it is suggested they arrive a few minutes early, to fill out any necessary paperwork, and allow time for the practitioner to answer any questions or address any concerns.

I heard crystals don’t really do much, is that true?

Many clients have repeated the crystal healing sessions numerous times because they find it is a powerful tool for rebalancing themselves.  Throughout history, crystals have been known for their healing abilities.  They help strengthen the energy body while also eliminating blockages.

What can a session help?

Since this works on all chakras, these sessions can help with many things.  For those stressed and overworked, this can help calm them.  For those who are having difficult in relationships with people or even money, this can help open up the proper pathways for better manifestation.  Over all, this is a great tool both spiritual and mental insights.