Akashic Blueprint Integration

In-Person or Remote 60 Minute Sessions


Akashic Blueprint Integration is a combined energy balancing using Reiki and the Akashic Records.  By opening the Akashic Records, David taps into the energetic blueprint of the client. Akashic Blueprint Integration also enables him to sense where the energy flow of the client is and also sense where the blockages are occuring.  Energy from the Akashic Records is of a much higher vibration than Reiki alone. This allows an increase of the ablity move blockages out of the energetic body due to the increased energy flow from the Akashic Records.

I am an energy worker, having studied several styles of healing, and have been in practice since 1998. After years of experience, I realize many more people can benefit greatly from the use of the Akashic Records in their lives.  Also, as one of the few people in the world who use the Akashic Records for hands-on work healing work. I believe The Akashic Records should also be used more often by other healers as a source of connection.  

I learned how to access the Akashic Records from Linda Howe early in my days as a healer.  Right after I met Linda, I received a very powerful and insightful reading from her. I was so intrigued by the reading that in the Fall of 1998 I joined in one of Linda’s Beginning Level classes in how to learn to read the Records. One of the techniques Linda taught was the flow of the Akashic is through the crown chakra and out the heart chakra. Since hands are an extension of the heart, it was easy for that energy to be channeled into a healing session. Back then, Linda was one of the few teachers in support of body workers using the Records in their sessions. After the class, I started channeling the Akashic Records during my energy sessions. Initially, when I opened the Records for my clients, more energy was available than I had previously been able to bring forth. As time went on, the healing potential increased. I found the Records strengthen the effect of any healing technique being used.

I have found working with the Akashic Records increases my empathetic senses. It is easy to sense where pain and blockages are held within my clients. For example, many times if I feel a blockage in the head area within myself, the client may have been experiencing headaches or congestion that week. Sometimes I can feel a pain within my back or somewhere else and the client had been experiencing some problem in those areas. This is not nearly as easy for me to tune in with unless I have opened the Records first. Throughout the session there is always more “guidance”. Also, it is very easy to let go of the strong empathetic connection at the end of the session when the Records are closed. That makes it near effortless to let go of the client’s “stuff” and to cleanse and purify any energy released from the client even if it was deeply felt by me. I find it such a blessing to see how much relief my clients receive in these sessions.  It is so wonderful to see many of them leave the office with smiles and bright eyes again!

~ David Riddle


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records Are a storage of Consciousness.  It is a collective consciousnes library with many type of information stored which is available for us to access to further our development as spirtual beings.  Akashic Energywork uses those Records as a rebalancing source unique to the client.

What Is Your process?

My process is simple one.  I use the Akashic Records to access more energy for my client than Reiki alone.  When I open the Records, I am connecting to the flow of energy from the crown chakra down through the rest. It allows me to sense within myself what the flow is within them.  Because every session is unique to what is needed at that, sometimes I can sense where tension is held, sometimes I can tap into what the vibrations are ready to be brought in for the client and sometimes it can be something else. I then use that energy to do a complete rebalancing of the body from head to toe. I do my best to get the flow through all the chakras and that they are connected properly. This allows a better flow in the body and ultimately better health and happiness!

How Does This Work?

The Records hos a vibration unique to the individual…their Akashic Blueprint.  By accessing the Records and using them in an energy work session, the individual’s own energy from higher dimensions is accessed and brought through to their energetic bodies.  This helps remove old energies trapped within the client by tapping into their own ‘source’ energy.  David uses that energy to help lift any old blockages and patterns that are not serving anymore and to create new foundations within.  This method restores and re-vitalizes their core essence.

How Is This Different From A Reiki Session?

This is an Energy Balancing Similar INCLUDES Reiki.  Reiki is also know as a form of Chi, Qi, Ki or Prana.  In a Reiki Session, Universal ‘non-specific’ life force energy is used.  However, Akashic Energywork uses the person’s own energetic vibration or ‘specific’ life force energy unique to that individual in addition to Reiki energy.  This rebalancing then resonates deeper within the energetic body since it has been revived by its own energetic pulse.

What Is A Remote/Distance Session?

I do distance healing using Akashic Blueprint Integration. The type healing involved in Akashic Blueprint Integration is non-local and can be done without being in person.  This form of healing has a way for me to connect to your energy body and is excellent for calming, stress relief, rebalancing and even can be benificial for physical issues..  The difference between this and a regular session is that it is not in person, not hands on, but in the comfort of your own home.  The goal is to tune into your energy body and create a better connection & energy flow. 

Do You Have Any Further Questions?

Please feel free to reach on the Contact Form or call direct at 773-383-5663. – David