Shiatsu – $85

Shiatsu, (pronounced shee-ot-sue) literally translated means “finger pressure.” This technique evolved over two thousand years ago, and was utilized in the Orient to maintain health and vitality. The philosophy of Shiatsu is to balance the microcosm (the body) with the macrocosm (nature). All elements that are present in nature are represented in each person, and when out of balance, pain and disease can result. Shiatsu helps to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit by unwinding deep muscle tension, melting away stress through gentle pressure to specific points (tsubos) on meridians (energy channels). Clients often experience a deep level of relaxation, and less pain. Like acupuncture, acupressure (no needles) can be utilized with mainstream medical treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session like?

Each session is customized to your specific wellness goals. Gentle to firm pressure and stretches are combined in order to facilitate relaxation and ease muscle aches and pains. Many clients feel the sessions are very nurturing, and enable them to deeply relax.

How does it work?

If, for example, a client has neck and shoulder pain, their muscles will be tight, and possibly painful to the touch. In Shiatsu, rather than force relaxation, or exhaust the muscles through painful pressure, the practitioner will gently support the painful area, while applying gentle pressure to specific points. This allows the muscles to relax with ease.

Do I need to do anything special before a treatment?

Clients are recommended to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and not to eat or drink anything before the session, especially coffee or alcohol. If it is their first visit to the center, it is suggested they arrive a few minutes early, to fill out any necessary paperwork, and allow time for the practitioner to answer any questions or address any concerns.

I heard Shiatsu was painful?

This style of Shiatsu was specifically developed to NOT be painful.

What can a session help?

Some complaints that clients have sought treatment for are lower back pain, neck pain, tight shoulders, muscle strains, Sciatica, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Pre and Post-Operative stress, digestive problems, panic attacks and stress.