Sarah G.

I experienced a severe back injury and David was heaven sent! He was able to incorporate Energy work with the Akashic Records and after each session I felt so much relief. At times the energy was so strong I fell asleep but each time I experienced a profound level of healing. Thank you so much David! I highly recommend working with him! 

Rachel W.

I cannot say enough good things about David and the Chi Balancing Center. I’ve been to see him many times in person at his Oak Park location and always enjoyed wonderful results. This past weekend, David provided me with a remote energy session to address a horribly painful pinched nerve radiating pain from my neck, through my shoulder, and all the way down the right side of my body. Nothing worked for long, not even incredible TCH/ CBD pain relief cream, salt baths, massage, etc. Immediately after the session, I sat up and the pain was 100% gone. That was Sunday- it’s now Thursday and the pain hasn’t returned. Thank you, David!

Joany B.

David is definitely a Master Healer. His healings are beyond words. Whether your healing needs are physical or emotional, You can only feel better when your session is done and for days after.

Cindy G.

I treasure my healing work with David Riddle. This was a remote session in the comfort of my home. Now, I’m feeling well-rested and refreshed with a new awareness of the heart and mind connection that he addressed so graciously.


Lorraine D.

David is a generous, warm and inviting healer. He was recommended to me by another superstar practitioner for his unique approach to Akashic work and personal energy healing. He takes time to connect before each session to discuss areas of concern and blockage, and then tailors it to balance your expressed needs and the Akashic Records. Working with him has brought a new stable energy balance into my life in a way I have never before experienced. He also has a wonderful collection of crystals that he uses in the session and he offers for sale in his cozy workspace.

Elisa T.

What an experience! I really enjoy going to David for my energy healing sessions. Every time I go I walk out with a sense of release from anything that has caused a negative harm to my well being. I feel stronger, calmer and getting in tuned with myself again. If you feel like something is blocking you. Go to David he will make sure to clear it!

Morgan C.

I have been going to Chi Balancing Center for over two years. David is fantastic on so many levels! He listens to you and digs deep to understand how to get you more balanced. He is the real deal! I also email David with specific details about friends when I am looking for a special unique gift to give them. He picks out the perfect healing stones for that individual person. So cool!



Sally M.

Chi Balancing Center is a special place. David is a talented energy worker and a gentle and engaging soul. His akashic and crystal sessions are deep and refreshing. He’s able to sense and clear blockages effectively. The treatment room is cozy and comfortable and his musical selections are always soothing and relaxing. He also has a lovely on-site crystal shop. He never pushes the crystals but is very knowledgable and enthusiastic about them when asked. I enjoy the energy of the place so much-and walking through the crystal room makes me happy. The Medical Arts building where the center is located has a subdued, Art Deco charm, which, for me, adds to the enjoyment of visits. I feel blessed that this little gem of a place exists.

Rachel W.

After several months of seeing various “specialists” at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (among others), I had no answers or relief for the painful condition from which I was suffering. I went to see David and, after one session, immediately experienced relief- the pain was completely gone, the inflammation seemed to have dissipated, and my energy levels went up. In short, I felt like myself again. I am, by nature, a skeptical, science-based person. That said, what David did at Chi Balancing Center was real, and it worked. It’s undeniable. I referred my boyfriend to David for a painful foot injury. Several doctors and scans later, they had no way of confirming if it was tendinitis or a small stress fracture…and they had no pain management solution. One session with David, and he was up and walking around for the first time in months. Chi Balancing Center works. What David does is incredible, real healing- with none of the waiting rooms, expensive tests or unnecessary prescription medicine. Schedule an appointment with him and feel better.


Zen B.

I had not had Reiki done before, but was interested and found the Chi Balancing Center online. I went a few weeks ago, and found David to be very genuine and caring. He offered me the choice between straight up Reiki, or his special blend of Reiki and Akashic records. I have not had akashic work done before either – but I went for the blended approach. I felt no pressure coming from David to do one or the other, or pressure to come back for “x” number of times. The session was very, very relaxing. Many things have opened up and started moving for me since. I believe the Chi Balancing Center was in a different location before. I like the place they are located now. Very convenient, and really nice and spacious inside. One last comment… based on what I have read, akashic work can involve a lot of information that is provided to the client. From what I am understanding, David uses the akashic records to help guide his energy work. It’s not anything more or less than that. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for reiki work.